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Anoint Oil - Sacred Ritual

Anoint Oil - Sacred Ritual

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Our Anoint Oils are made from the finest organic grapeseed oil and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils and positive intent. ... INFORMATION 8 ml – 2 dram      - Sacred Ritual Scent: sweet, herbal, mojave Use your Sacred Ritual Anoint Oil to enhance the vibrations of your space. It can be used as an aromatherapy oil, an anointing on objects or sparingly on skin.

DIRECTIONS - Rub 1-2 drops of oil onto pulse points, sacred objects Use spariNgly on skin. Contains concentrated essential oils in a carrier oil. Avoid contact with eyes. INGREDIENTS This is a *curio object. It has a proprietary blend of ingredients specific for scent, aromatherapy, suggested healing and metaphysical properties.

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