Her Sacred Alchemy

Our shop celebrates the sacred, sensual, witchy, and too muchness within all who come seeking. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience and if you find yourself outside your comfort zone….enjoy it. Life gets really good when you know you can travel down any path. Her Sacred Alchemy is here to help you remember the Magick within.

Happening at Her Sacred Alchemy

Come join us for classes, readings, and other magickal events

Weekly Readers
Wednesday- Saturday
May Event Calendar
216 Paseo del Pueblo Norte St. C

Check our Shop or Social Media for detailed Flyers for all Events or shoot us an email ❣️

Beltane with Oak
Wednesday May 1 @5:30 pm
@Her Sacred Alchemy

Crescent moon copper teaspoon

Stir in extra magick when making teas, elixirs and herbal potions, using this copper engraved teaspoon for rituals.


Astral insights teacup

See what the planets have in store for you with this astral insights teacup. Decorated with the planetary symbols, learn how to read tea lives while also.

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