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Athena Fine Art Print - Greek Goddess of War & Wisdom

Athena Fine Art Print - Greek Goddess of War & Wisdom

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A Greek Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena was a skilled strategist and fierce warrior known well for her blessings among the heroic.

It is said that Athena was born from the head of Zeus—emerging fully-armed from a crack in his skull. They say her birthing cries were more like battle cries, and that they struck fear into the hearts of Zeus’ enemies.

As a virgin Goddess, Athena revered the independence and virtue of women above all—never hesitating to strike down whoever dared disturb that. In the famous myth of Medusa, we can see just how far Athena would go to protect that reverence she held so dear—cursing a great beauty with an infamously deadly face.

It is said that the Goddess of war was, naturally, the patroness of heroic endeavor. But she was also the patroness of weavers, artisans, and several Grecian cities (including Athens where it’s rumored she got her namesake)

High quality fine art prints made in house on acid free archival matte paper and signed by the artist. All prints are individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve and include a sturdy backing board.

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