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Brigid Fine Art Print - Celtic Goddess of Wisdom, Healing

Brigid Fine Art Print - Celtic Goddess of Wisdom, Healing

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Brigid shares many similarities with the Catholic St. Brigid of Kildare, who is the patron saint of Ireland

In Old Irish her name translates to Exalted One. The name Brigid has been anglicized from the Old Irish Brid in multiple ways. She is also known as Brigit, Brig, or Bride.

Brigid is a goddess of contradiction. She is a goddess of fertility, motherhood, and healing, however she is also a fiery goddess. She rules fire and the flame even though she is the goddess of serenity and water.

In Brigid’s earliest incarnation she was called the Flame of Ireland or Fiery Arrow. Brigid is regarded as a Goddess of the forge and of metal workers. Legend says that when Brigid was born at sunrise there was a tower of flame that reached her to the heavens.

She is known for the protection of mothers and newborn children, and also a goddess of animals.

High quality fine art prints made in house on acid free archival matte paper and signed by the artist. All prints are individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve and include a sturdy backing board.

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