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Cast iron tea pot

Cast iron tea pot

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This cast iron teapot is burnished with an eye-pleasing smoky matte grey finish. The black color of the base material reveals itself in an expanding geometric pattern reminiscent of a basket weave. A sleek black handle carefully balances the teapot and creates a comfortable grip in your hand. Sure to become a treasured item in your kitchen. The heat retention of the cast iron allows your tea to remain hot longer and helps limit the extra trips to the kitchen to heat water.

A removable stainless-steel tea infuser is included with this teapot, perfect for your favorite loose-leaf tea. A protective lid settles on top, keeping the heat of your brewing tea from escaping. The color matches the body of the teapot and is highlighted with a little button knob. A smooth black glaze envelops the interior of the pot and lid. This teapot has a satisfying feel of substance and is easy to pour. Any kitchen would radiate that much more with this warming, beautiful slate grey teapot.

This teapot has a 33-ounce capacity. To brew a pot, add 3-4 tablespoons of loose-leaf tea to the infusing basket and fill with boiling water. Let the tea steep for 2-5 minutes or until desired strength.

This teapot is not dishwasher safe. Do not store liquid in pot after use. Rinse and towel dry immediately. Entire set is lead-free and should not be used on direct heat sources.

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