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Medusa Fine Art Print - Gorgan - Greek Mythology

Medusa Fine Art Print - Gorgan - Greek Mythology

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Born as one of three sisters—known as the Gorgons—to the primordial sea God and Goddess (Phorcys and Ceto), Medusa was the most blessed of all their daughters, or so it seemed. While her sisters were monstrous immortal beasts, Medusa was a great and mortal beauty—a legendary sight to behold. It was said that her hair was the "most wonderful of her charms." And for most of her youth, the world fell to its knees for the most beautiful of the Gorgon girls. 

Her illustrious luck would turn on that fateful day when Medusa's beauty caught the eye of the sea God, Poseidon. Struck deep by her breathless beauty, Poseidon decided he must have Medusa. That he must claim her—at all costs. It was with this wicked knowing in mind that Poseidon took Medusa to Athena's temple where he proceeded to take her against her will. But Medusa's horror wouldn't end there. When Athena found out what happened inside the walls of her temple, she flew into a rage and cursed Medusa—transforming her pretty hair into spitting snakes, and twisting her pretty face into something so horrifying, it would turn any onlooker into stone. 

High quality fine art prints made in house on acid free archival matte paper and signed by the artist. All prints are individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve and include a sturdy backing board.

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