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Slavic Witchcraft

Slavic Witchcraft

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Slavic Witchcraft: Old World Conjuring Spells and Folklore
Chapter 1. Pagan Christianity, or Christian Paganism

Even before the Orthodox Christian faith made its appearance, whole provinces that refused to recognize the new gods appeared. They didn't want to betray the faith of their homeland and their grandfathers. Mysticism played a huge role in their lives. The Old Believers' faith was bound tightly to their magic and rituals. The majority of spells that originate in that Slavic period come to us from the era of the Old pagan gods. The great Slavic magic that drew its power from nature was born in this period.

This power stemmed from Earth, the mother and protector. It gave us food, clothes, and the ability to sow and harvest crops. It also came from Water, without which there would be no crops. Then there is Air, which is no less essential than Water, and Fire, which gives us warmth, light, and protection from wild animals. With Fire, it was possible not only to cook food and warm your home, but also to make weapons. By then, Slavs had already mastered metal.

These four elements represented pure nature for all Old Believers. It was nature that fortified their magic and combined the strength of all the elements at once. The rites of the Old Believers formed the basis of today's elemental and natural magic.

Magic was an important part of calendar rituals related to household, agriculture, and family life, including birth, marriage, and death. Rituals often included acts such as submerging something in water, jumping over fire, and using fur coats to symbolize wealth. The most common form of mind-driven magic was sorcery. Sorceresses were considered capable of depriving the cow of milk, spoiling crops, and causing illness and even death to individuals, but also charming young people, protecting people from disease and defending against the incantations of other sorceresses.
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