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The Book of Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation

The Book of Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation

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A full-color guide to the history, science, and spiritual uses of Moldavite

• Shares the author’s transformational discovery of the magic of Moldavite

• Looks at Moldavite energy tools, how to combine Moldavite with other gemstones, and how to use Moldavite to transmit healing energy to people and places

• Includes powerful Moldavite meditations and hundreds of photos, allowing you to attune to Moldavite’s energy without even being in its direct presence

Created from the cataclysmic impact of a huge meteorite, Moldavite is a gemstone that is neither heavenly nor earthly but something new that emerged from their union. Classed scientifically with tektites, these rare green celestial objects showered down over what is now the Czech Republic some 14.8 million years ago. In the mid-1980s, a series of synchronicities brought Moldavite into the hands of Robert Simmons, and he began sharing its powerful effects with the world.

In this full-color guide, Simmons tells the story of his discovery of Moldavite’s magic, weaving his knowledge of the stone’s spiritual qualities together with scientific and historical data as well as channeled information. He explains how Neolithic peoples in Europe made Moldavite amulets and tools and how several Moldavite amulets were discovered in the same archaeological dig as the famous Venus of Willendorf, the earliest known Goddess figurine. The author describes his dramatic personal awakening and the surprising circumstances that brought Moldavite to the center of his life and career. He shares tales of crop circles and energy vortexes, his adventures in Moldavite country, and ET connections.

Revealing how the science of Moldavite’s origins resonates with ancient mystical legends, the author explores Moldavite’s connections with the alchemical Emerald Tablet and the fabled Stone of the Holy Grail. He looks at Moldavite energy tools, including wands, pendulums, waters, essences, body layouts, and crystal grids. He explains how to use Moldavite in photonic layouts to transmit energy to people, places, and bodies of water in order to heal and revitalize them. He leads the reader through Moldavite meditations for expanding awareness, and his wife, Kathy, offers her insights into Moldavite’s purpose and power and how we can align with it. Throughout the book are hundreds of full-color images of beautiful raw pieces, carvings, jewelry, and gems, allowing you to attune to Moldavite’s energy without even being in its direct presence.

Shining a light upon the starborn gem that unites spirit and matter, the author shows how Moldavite is—literally and figuratively—a joining of Heaven and Earth.
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