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Yoni steam

Yoni steam

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Introducing the Yoni steam, a natural and organic herbal blend to cleanse and strengthen your uterus. At only $6.00 per ounce, experience the amazing benefits of this ancient practice. Strengthen your reproductive health and promote overall wellness with our yoni steam.

Raspberry leaf ~ strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant.
Lavender ~ antiseptic, sedative, relaxes nerves and muscles.

Calendula ~ cleansing, lessens inflammation. 

Mugwort ~ Menstrual cramps surrender to mugwort’s tender caress. Uterine muscles find respite as the steam’s embrace soothes and quiets the rhythmic dance of pain. Mugwort, with its anti-inflammatory charm, tames the flames of vaginal inflammation. Conditions like vaginitis and vulvodynia are met with a cooling balm, offering solace in the face of discomfort.

Rose ~ High in antioxidants, rose petals prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, these powerful petals have a cleansing effect, while helping to retain moisture in the delicate skin, resulting in more firm and plump tissues.

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